Non-alcoholic cocktails for teenagers

Non-alcoholic cocktails for teenagers are a great option to spice up your kids party. Also, check some sandwiches and treats to offer in your teenage party. There are many recipes for non-alcoholic cocktails that you can do to make your party unique. The visual effect is amazing, which is great even to decorate your table. Take a look!  Continue reading “Non-alcoholic cocktails for teenagers”

Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham

Thinking about Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham? We have already given you children’s party DIY sandwiches and treats, and now we are going to give you some ideas for you spice up a kids party. You might also check professional face painters for your kids parties so they can be unforgettable!  Continue reading “Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham”

Packed lunch options for kids

There are several packed lunch options for kids, and these can be very healthy contrarily to what you might think. Be sure to also read our article talking about tips to prepare a healthy kids menu, as well as our post about children’s party DIY sandwiches and treats. You can also get some ideas in there.  Continue reading “Packed lunch options for kids”

5 things only parents understand

There are 5 things only parents understand! When we are children we don’t understand some attitudes of our parents, but now that we already have children, we start to know how they felt in those times. If you are mother or father, reading this article, I am sure you will feel like “Oh! It’s so me!”. But if you still don’t have kids, I am sure you will understand a little bit your parents.  Continue reading “5 things only parents understand”