5 things only parents understand

top 5 things only parents understand

There are 5 things only parents understand! When we are children we don’t understand some attitudes of our parents, but now that we already have children, we start to know how they felt in those times. If you are mother or father, reading this article, I am sure you will feel like “Oh! It’s so me!”. But if you still don’t have kids, I am sure you will understand a little bit your parents. 

Are you curious? I am sure you are! So, let’s not waste more time and let’s take a look at them!

Top 5 things only parents understand

top 5 things only parents understand

5 things only parents understand: The sleep never will be the same!

When kids are just little babies, they don’t sleep all night long. In fact, in the first months, parents go insane. They wake up 3 or 4 times at night, and sometimes even more! Even when they are sleeping, it will never be a deep and rested sleep. Any baby’s movement is an alert sign for them!

In fact, it never changes! Even when they are teens, parents only can rest when their kids are in bed, in safe.

5 things only parents understand: Little babies are more costly than both parents.

Well, when you think about having kids you already know that the expenses will be higher. But you don’t really know it will going to cost. Then you realise that, even after the first year, the things don’t get better. Every single season, the beginning of the school, each activity, snacks… Well, a lot of money in there!

5 things only parents understand: Going out is a challenge!

When you become a parent, your all life changes. Going out is a true challenge. It doesn’t matter if you need to go to work or holidays, what before took 30 minutes, now it takes 2 hours! best 5 things only parents understand

5 things only parents understand: All experts give the “best advice”!

We all know that there is no instruction book. But well, Nobody asked others’ opinion. There is nothing so annoying than those “experts” giving lots of advises (like they are golden rules or the absolute truth!) as soon you told them you are going to be a mother or father!

The secret? Smile and wave… Simple as that!

5 things only parents understand: Kids convert parents in real goofies!

Before you are parents, you swear you will never do a panoply of things. How many people you listen saying “If he was my child, I would never let him do that!”? You even judge other parents, until you become a parent too! Now, the “normal” human being becomes into parents! Oh, GOD! Well, at least, you will only be judged for other people who still have no kids.

The others? “been there, done that“!

Are you looking at yourself in this picture? I am sure you are! There is no escape from these things and all parents pass through it all the time. Do your have any other things you want to share with us? Don’t be shy and tell us your true story! Hope you have enjoyed our Top 5 things only parents understand!

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