Benefits of organic food

benefit of organic food

Do you ever eared about organic food? Find all the benefits of organic food and be healthy! I am sure your life will be much better from now on. If you are looking for some ideas to your child’s party, then you can include a whole catering with organic food, and I suggest you have a look at these professional shows too. Also, read our precious posts such as how to cook bread or what is veganism?

Organic foods are all those that use techniques that respect the environment and aim at the quality of food in all its production processes.


Thus, organic food does not use any type of pesticides, or any other product that may harm the health of those who eat them. In this post we are going to tell you everything about organic food, and all the benefits of organic food as well.

Organic Food

One of the factors that are included in organic food is directly linked to organic farming, consisting of fruits, vegetables, and vegetables.

In this case only the natural systems of pest control are used, and to fertilise the soil.

all benefits of organic food

In practice, these organic foods have almost the same nutritional properties as inorganic foods. However, organic foods have the advantage of being healthier, because they do not have agrotoxics, besides being much tastier.

Also included in these foods are Organic Meat and Organic Eggs.

As far as the production of meat and eggs are concerned, these are made without antibiotics, hormones, or anabolics. This is because several researches have shown that these products can cause disease in humans, especially when consumed for a long time.

Therefore, organic meats and organic eggs are much healthier than non organic ones, ensuring your health and quality of life.

All benefits of organic food

Now that you know what is organic food, let’s look at all the benefits of organic food. 

benefit of organic food

  • Foods are healthier – organic foods are free from pesticides, hormones and other chemicals
  • These foods are tastier
  • Ecological – The production of organic food respects the environment, avoiding the contamination of soil, water and vegetation
  • Social responsibility – Organic production uses systems of social responsibility, mainly in the appreciation of the workforce
  • More nutritious – Organic foods are more nutritious because rich, balanced soils with natural fertilisers produce foods with higher nutritional value
  • Prevents soil erosion – Organic production, with the use of organic techniques, such as the example of crop rotation, inter-cropping, among others, keeps the soil fertile, remaining productive from year to year.
  • Restores biodiversity – Another of the benefits of organic food relates to the protection of animal and plant life, as it respects the balance of nature, creating healthy ecosystems

The only disadvantage of this type of production is that it is more expensive than inorganic. Thus, it makes it more difficult to join large groups of people to consume them, since they do not have the money to support a totally organic diet.

So, now that you know all the benefits of organic food, what you are going to eat today?

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