Different desserts: sweet pizzas

Different desserts sweet pizzas how to cook

How do you feel about Different desserts: sweet pizzas for example? Well, this one of a kind when it comes to desserts and it’s making its way through the internet has an awesome way to have a sweet for a special dinner, a birthday or other kind of children parties. To make it even greater, have a look at our previous posts, such as benefits of organic food and how to cook bread.

Different desserts: sweet pizzas – This is exactly what we will be talking about in this article, giving you awesome and delicious ideas to cook sweet pizzas for every kind of palate.

It’s actually very easy to do because, besides the food ingredients, all you need is imagination, experimentation and creativity – and a working oven, of course.  You need to cook it for the same time as other kinds of pizzas so that the crust becomes well cooked.

Different desserts: sweet pizzas – Delicious!

Different desserts: sweet pizzas how to cook

So, for Different desserts: sweet pizzas are a very good way to bring fun to your home. All you need to do take the pizza base, you can use sweet tomato cover it (a jelly you can buy at any supermarket or even do at home) or any other jelly, honey or sweet sauce; and then you can start the show:

  • For example for a chocolate pizza you can use chocolate chips in crumbles, banana and strawberries cut into small pieces, sunflower seeds, grated coconut and top it all with hot chocolate. It is divine!
  • For a healthy snack experiment cutting different kinds of fruits – except oranges, kiwis or plums because they are acid and might not be so good for this – in small pieces, use honey to mix them all together and spread this over the pizza base. Then, using again some grated coconut, goji berries, seeds you enjoy like sunflower or pumpkin, and your favourite crackers in crumbles. This is one of my favourites and is delicious.
  • For a special sweet pizza, you can try this one: you can use tomato jam for the base, cover it with banana, cranberries or blueberries, chocolate crumbles, cinnamon, grated coconut, nuts, and almonds. After you take it from the oven cover it with unsweetened Greek yogurt. Delicious!

So these are three of our favourite sweet pizzas we often cook for special occasions, especially for the kids, the simply love it.

We should tell you that these are the ingredients we use but you can experiment by yourself using what to you seems appropriate and delicious – you don’t need to strictly follow these recipes.

With love and fun every dish becomes delicious so just give it your best and, for Different desserts: sweet pizzas are top!

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