How to Decorate fantastic Cupcakes

how to decorate fantastic cupcakes great ideas

Do you want to know How to Decorate fantastic Cupcakes? Everybody knows cupcakes are awesome to serve in children’s parties, or any other party, even for adults. And here we are, to show you how to decorate great cupcakes to your upcoming party. And do not forget to look at some of our previous posts, such as Different desserts: sweet pizzas¬†or the perfect birthday cake for kids.Cupcakes are just fabulous to serve at any party, especially because you can decorate it as you like. You can make all kind of tops you wish, and personalise them, so you can make it perfectly match to your theme party.

So, know you know how important cupcakes can be, let’s see How to Decorate fantastic Cupcakes.

How to decorate fantastic cupcakes: Use your imagination!

There are endless choices when it comes to cupcakes. There are several possible combinations, as many as you wish, with various colours, themes, and customised for all tastes.

Let’s see some options on How to Decorate fantastic Cupcakes.

Cupcake with whipped cream and a mini cupcake on top

Is there anything cuter than a cupcake decorated with a mini cupcake on top? How about making a mini cupcake a hat? Decorate with hearts, and innovate in the colours of cupcakes toppings.

how to decorate fantastic cupcakes great ideas

Cupcake with Whipped Cream Pink and American Pasta Rose

Want a perfect cupcake to decorate a delicate, girl party, or for a classic adult party? This is an excellent idea. Decorate the top with whipped cream, and make a rose with American paste and place over the whipped cream. Then you can sprinkle with edible pearls.

Cupcake with whipped cream and turtles made with jelly beans

Kids love animals, so we can innovate in this regard when it comes to decorating cupcakes. Make small turtles with jelly beans of various colours. It looks lovely!

Cupcake with Whipped Cream and American Pasta Pandas

Like turtles, pandas are among the favourite animals of children. And we can also include them in the decoration of our cupcakes. Make them with American paste. They look beautiful and give a very soft touch to the decoration of your table.

Cupcakes with sheep made from marshmallows and jelly beans

You know the Doly sheep? Who does not know? How about to pay tribute to her at the next party? Make the sheep’s body with mini white marshmallows, and then use the jelly beans to make the sheep’s face. To draw eyes do with American paste.

And now? Do you already know How to Decorate fantastic Cupcakes? Well, check our latest tips.

how to decorate kids party cupcakes

Cupcake with whipped cream and paper hats

There’s no party without paper hats, right? And how about including those items to decorate our cupcakes? Buy small paper hats (same as those we use at parties), and place on the top of the cupcake along with whipped cream of various colours.

Cupcakes with whipped cream, little ears and bows

Are you a Minnie fan? So let’s make some cupcakes allusive to this Disney character. Make whipped cream pink, put on top of the cupcake, and on the top of the whipped cream we will put some black earrings (made with American paste) and a pink bow. It is loving!

Well, now you know how to decorate fantastic cupcakes, do not forget to make your party just fabulous!

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