How to make delicious milkshakes


Do you want to know How to make delicious milkshakes? Well, check our great tips and I am sure you will make great milkshakes! If you want to make a huge surprise this weekend, then you must have a look at our previous posts too, such as the perfect birthday cake for kids or savoury sandwiches for kids

Milkshakes are great choices for snacks for children, and are also excellent to start the day! But how to make delicious Milkshakes? Your milkshakes are never as good as those that are served at the bakery? Now we’ll tell you all the tricks you need to know!

How to make delicious milkshakes? Find out all the secrets! 


Milkshakes can be made using several ingredients, which will depend on the taste of each. However, to the base must always use milk, ice cream and chocolate icing (or other flavours you like).

how to make delicious milkshakes for kidsThen add the extras that you like, such as whipped cream, cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, straw for ice cream, malted powder milk, among other ingredients.

So, how to make delicious Milkshakes? Let’s take it for steps.

First, you must fill the blender with milk until 250 ml. Then add two ice cream balls (with the flavour you like the most. Strawberry is nice!), and a little bit of the icing you chose.

A tip: It’s better when you add vanilla ice cream, and then add the icing with the flavour you like the most, instead of adding the chocolate ice cream, for example.

Carefully close the blender. First, beat at high speed, and then at low speed. Gradually add or milk, or ice cream, so the milkshake stays with the consistency that you

Then you can add the extra ingredients you wish, such as chantilly or the cherry.

But wait, we have some other secrets to tell you so you know how to make delicious milkshakes.

  • Never put fruit in a blender before hitting the milk with ice cream.
  • If you do not have a blender can do with a mixer or with a spoon. In this case, let soften a little the ice cream to get a better move.
  • Mix different flavours of ice creams. For example, Neapolitan ice cream gives a fantastic result in milkshakes!
  • Remember that milkshakes how-make-delicious-milkshakeshave a lot of sugar and too many calories, and so when consumed regularly can contribute to obesity, as well as dental problems, which are very harmful to people with diabetes, for example. If you love milkshakes and can not abuse of the sugar and calories, so opt for skim milk with low fat, and diet ice creams or those with artificial sweetener.
  • Never EVER forget to cap the blender. The more likely it is you will have a huge brown stain on the ceiling of your kitchen!

So, what do you think about milkshakes? Are you that kind of people who does not dispense one? Have you any trick? Let us know how to make delicious milkshakes! I am sure everyone will thank you!

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