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ideas packed lunch options kids

There are several packed lunch options for kids, and these can be very healthy contrarily to what you might think. Be sure to also read our article talking about tips to prepare a healthy kids menu, as well as our post about children’s party DIY sandwiches and treats. You can also get some ideas in there. 

It is very important for children to feed properly, and we know that often the lunches offered at the school are not very healthy, because they choose to offer food that kids like, rather than opt for balanced and healthy meals.ideas packed lunch options for kids

We should not forget that children need a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, and rich in whole grains and low in solid fats, added sugars, trans fats and salt. Packed lunch options for kids can be a way to encourage these healthy eating habits. Here are some tips and ideas.

Packed lunch options for kids: Tips and Ideas


  • Buy seasonal products! Usually, these foods are exactly what the body needs in that time of year. Also, the food is tastier, and it’s even cheaper!
  • Make lunch the night before. This saves time in the morning and avoids any kind of stress to arrive on time to school and work. It also avoids the temptation to put in the lunchbox of your child highly processed foods.ideas packed lunch options kids
  • Involve your child in the lunch preparation. Ask him what he would like to have in the packed lunch options for kids and take a time to tell him what he needs to eat to get the necessary nutrients for he to develop healthily. Get them to help in the preparation. When They help in the confection of the food, the tendency for them to eat these foods is higher.
  • Do not also forget liquids. It is extremely important to the child stay hydrated. Avoid juices and soft drinks. Water is always the best option.

Packed lunch options for kids – Examples


Roasted chicken strips in the oven with breadcrumbs and some spices is a good healthy option. Also, insert a serving of carrots and chopped peas. For dessert choose a piece of fruit or a slice of apple pie with a low sugar content.ideas packed lunch options kids sandwiches

The sandwiches can also be excellent packed lunch options for kids. Use wholemeal bread. You can make a tuna salad (always choose the tuna packed in water, or for olive oil, never oil), egg or chicken. When assembling the sandwich use sliced tomato and lettuce or other vegetables like cucumber and arugula. Always include a piece of fruit or a yogurt.

You can also include in the lunchbox of your child soup. So it stays hot put it in a thermos.

tips ideas packed lunch options kids

You can cook many healthy meals, so your kid has an excellent feeding. You can use your imagination to always create different lunches. Make sure you make it tasty, colourful, and beautiful. This way you ensure your little one will eat the whole meal you put in his lunchbox.

Do you have any other ideas to packed lunch options for kids? Let us know!

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