The perfect birthday cake for kids

perfect birthday cake for kids

Are you looking for The perfect birthday cake for kids? In this post, we are going to tell you great options for birthday cakes that kids will love! I suggest you have a look at some ideas for snacks and treats for kids birthdays. And do not forget to have a look at our previous posts about savoury sandwiches for kids and easy birthday cakes recipes for kids

The birthday cake is one of the most important things at a party. In fact, everyone is waiting anxiously for the arrival of the birthday cake. Not only to sing happy birthday but to see how it is.

The success of a children’s party can even be concerned because of the birthday cake. So it is crucial that you ensure that you are offering The perfect birthday cake for kids. 

The perfect birthday cake for kids: Surprise your little guests


Some questions are common when we think of birthday cake: Which size should have the cake I do / order? What dough and filling choose? How should be the coverage? See how to get The perfect birthday cake for kids.get the perfect birthday cake for kids

Birthday cake Size 

First, you must think of the cake size you will need for the party. Usually, when you ask at the bakery, they recommend 100g cake for each guest. That is, if you have 20 guests, you would do the calculation 20x100g that would be 2kg.

However, and according to my experience, 100g cake for each guest, especially when we talk about a children’s party, it is too much. Usually left over between half to one-third of the birthday cake.

What I recommend you is 80g each guest. It is enough and very close to your needs.

Cake Shape

In terms of practicality in time to cut, the better is the square or rectangular cake. The round cake usually cut leaving to the middle part, and in terms of aesthetics, it is perfect as it gives the table a touch much more beautiful.

Place the round cake in a high support, and will get the attention of all the guests, in addition to getting beautiful pictures!perfect birthday cake kids

Dough and filling

The dough of chocolate with chocolate filling is always a hit at children’s parties, and it is The perfect birthday cake for kids.

However, it is very usual people serve it at parties, just because all children love. If you want you can use it by making some adjustments, such as include nuts, strawberries or coconut.

But if the idea is to surprise your guests, opt for something different. Why not a carrot cake with chocolate icing?

However, avoid fruit cakes, and avoid the whipped cream.perfect birthday cake for kids

Cake top

If you prefer the cake to be showy, then the best option is to use the fondant. So you can do vast details that you never could with icing, for example. You can make lace, flowers, put characters, among others.

However, the fondant is not as tasty as a chocolate topping. And if you want to opt for something tastier then opt to buy the cookie dough doll.

Hope now you know how to get The perfect birthday cake for kids. Have fun, and Happy Birthday to your little child!

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