Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham

spicing up your kids party in birmingham healthy drinks

Thinking about Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham? We have already given you children’s party DIY sandwiches and treats, and now we are going to give you some ideas for you spice up a kids party. You might also check professional face painters for your kids parties so they can be unforgettable! 

Your kids party food can be healthy too! You don’t need to cook just fast food and sweets for it. You can use healthy ingredients without being afraid. It can be really tasty, I can assure you!

Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham with fruits and veggies


So, if you want to succeed in your party you must make all your catering spicing up your kids party in birmingham ideasbeautiful and colourful. And that’s why using fruits and vegetables can be very useful. Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham can be very easy. Take a look!

Insert mixed fruit on top of the desserts. Besides being colourful and tasty, it makes you avoiding the usual chocolate, whipped cream, and similar toppings.

spicing up your kids birthday party in birmingham healthy foodAnd what about preparing some vegetarian food? More and more people are adopting a vegan lifestyle, so it’s not a bad idea to include a dish to make known new dishes. How about a vegetable lasagne? Instead of the meat try to put broccoli, spinach, carrots, and mushrooms.

For appetisers try using fruits and vegetables as well. Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham never be so easy! De-seed a cucumber and fill with Cherry Tomato, hummus, and tabouli. Slice into two halves. On spicing up your kids party in birmingham healthy foodtop put pieces of rye with mayonnaise and season with lemon and pepper. If possible use mayonnaise with low fat.
You can also marinate mushrooms with a vinaigrette of your taste. Place on serving plates on the table. Hmm. Tasty!

For drinks, innovate making fruit smoothies and vegetables. Replace traditional juices full of sugar and offer real fruit juices, smoothies with vegetables, and avoid as much as possible sugar. Choose fruits that make a sweet drink, such as oranges or strawberries.spicing up your kids party in birmingham healthy drinks

You can Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham making healthy snacksFor them use lots of fruits.  For example, you can put in dishes, cheese, nuts and fruit for children eat while they are playing. You can also use crystallized fruit.

Don’t forget to place trays of crudités. You can include a huge variety of vegetables. Also, add vegetables that are not well known by children, such as jicama, zucchini, turnips, or green beans. You can also add a variety of fruits. Try tropical fruits such as mango, Papaw or papaya. They will love new flavors.spicing up your kids party in birmingham healthy gifts

As you see is not difficult and I can assure you that the kids will love. Include healthy food on your birthday party is a great way to instill a healthy lifestyle. You can also offer bags with dried fruit and squares of cheese at the end of your party.

Do you have any other idea of how you can Spicing up your kids party in Birmingham? Let us know!

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