Tips to prepare delicious cookies

6 secrets to prepare delicious cookies

Check the best Tips to prepare delicious cookies! To make delicious cookies you need to know a few secrets. And are these secrets that we will tell you now! See also our articles about how to prepare chocolate muffins and children’s party DIY sandwiches and treats.  Then take a look at this post and find how to prepare perfect cookies! 

We know that even when cookies do not go as we want, they continue to be very good, but no one should settle into median cookies, don’t you think?6 Tips to prepare delicious cookies

That’s why we are going to give you the best Tips to prepare delicious cookies! Check them!

Best Tips to prepare delicious cookies!


These are just 6 simple tips that can make all the difference in the time to make your cookies. Look!6 secrets to prepare delicious cookies

Invest in the ingredients

Chocolate Cookies do not require many ingredients, so it is important to use the best. Never use margarine but butter. Also, buy a good vanilla extract and a great chocolate!

The ideal would be:

  • French and Dutch butter that contains more fat and less water.
  • Pure vanilla extract.
  • High-quality chocolate brands.

Mix a lot and then just a little

Do you know that part which says “beat the butter and sugar?” It is often thought it’s a step without the less importance but the truth is that it is very important. Therefore, beat butter and sugar until all of the sugar crystals have disappeared, and those air bubbles form in the middle.

After adding the eggs it is normal to seem like a curd mass, but continue to mix, beating vigorously until no trace of eggs has stayed.

Now one of the most important Tips to prepare delicious cookies. When you add the flour, put the mixer (or your arm) at the minimum speed! When you hit much the flour, you will be activating the gluten, which will make toughest cookies. So do not beat the flour, incorporate it into the dough.6 tips to prepare cookies

Cool Dough

It is very important to give rest the dough, but is not a rest of 30 minutes, but a long, cold rest. Thus, it allows the ingredients to combine fully and that helps to create bronzed cookies with more pronounced caramel notes. If you do not have a full 24 hours, cool the mass 12 or even 6 hours. It will worth it!

Use (more) salt

Salt amplifies the taste of chocolate and lowers the sweetness, making the cookie, more balanced. Never forget it, even if it is not in the recipe.

Reconsider your baking sheet

The best baking sheets to bake cookies are heavier and borderless, lined with silicone or baking parchment.

The thinners end up deforming, and absorb more heat, usually burning the bottoms of the cookies.6 tips to prepare great cookies

Use a grid to rest

Our last, but not least than the other Tips to prepare delicious cookies. After 5 to 10 minutes that come out of the oven, leave your cookies to rest on a grid to cool uniformly on top and bottom. So they will be crispy!

The next time you make your cookies, try these tips. Surely the results will be even better, I can assure you! What about you? Do you have any secret that we do not know? Tell us your Tips to prepare delicious cookies!

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